A Westworld Mobile Game Is Being Developed

People that have seen HBO’s success show Westworld (or at least the gamers), most likely thought at some point or another that it would be perfect as a video game, even as a MMORPG. After the reveal of a teaser on the website of the show, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has confirmed to Engadget that a mobile game is in development. Not much was revealed regarding the the mechanics of the game itself, but since it is being developed by the studio behind Dead by Daylight, we can expect it to be good.

The teaser itself may offer enough clues as it is. It describes a “Park Training Simulation” that has you managing a “miniature Westworld,” ranging from creating and caring for hosts (i.e. robots) to “managing guest satisfaction.” And Westworld oblige, problems are sure to pop up — just hope that your park doesn’t fare as badly as the one in the show. The interface might not look exactly like that in the teaser, but it may well give you an idea of what to expect.

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