Upcoming Fairy Tail Game Adds Playable Gildarts

A month after the announcement of its postponement for June, the Fairy Tail RPG appeals to our fond memories in the last issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine.

Several new information, relayed by Gematsu, were indeed revealed there. We first learn that the Eclipse arc of the Celestial Spirits, exclusive to the anime, will be present in the game. The adventure will begin also with the confrontation between Hades and the notoriously popular guild of the city of Magnolia, Fairy Tail, and will go up to the Tartaros arc after a stop via the Grand Tournament of Magic, with a lot of new stories to discover along the way. Other good news: Gildarts, the most powerful mage in Fairy Tail, will be playable. He joins Natsu, Jellal, Gray and Gajeel in the list of playable characters announced.

Finally, the magazine indicates that the postponement of the game from March to June has allowed the Gust studio to make several improvements, particularly in terms of balancing and decor. New “Unison Raids” spells, which did not appear in the original work, have also been added. These are powerful spells that require multiple mages to combine their magical powers.

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