The World Ends With You The Animation Trailer Revealed

Some time ago, Square Enix announced that its action-RPG called The World Ends With You would be adapted into anime.

Originally released in 2008 on Nintendo DS, The World Ends With You then appeared on iOS and Android devices before returning as a Final Remix version on Switch in 2018. After a few days of waiting, Square Enix has unveiled the very first trailer for the anime, which will be released next year. While the anime will remain loyal to to the original work, various visual adaptations will be made to make Shibuya more like the Tokyo district as we know it today.

On the casting side, viewers will find the original doubles of Neku, Beat, Rhyme and Joshua. The music was again entrusted to Takeharu Ishimoto, composer on the game. Finally, the production will be provided by Shin-Ei Animation and Domerica. More information about the upcoming anime as well as the game can be found on the website that has been dedicated to it. Meanwhile, have a look at the trailer where many will recognize the art style typical to The World Ends With You!

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