The Colonists is a game takes place in the middle of the 21st century. Significant progress has been made in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence. Scientists have begun to develop standalone printable robots that can simulate subsistence and shelter needs. Faced with an indefinite lifetime of servitude, a group of robots developed a plan for a better future. Realizing that there would be no place on earth where they could enjoy freedom without persecution, they turned to the heavens. They commandeered the nearest rocket and flew into the darkness of the solar system in search of a new home where they would be free to realize their dream; becoming human beings.

Let us note for now that this story serves to give us a context rather than a real adventure.

Somewhat lacking in content

First, the game does not have free mode, or even sandbox mode. Indeed, it only offers ten scenarios, and even then the first two are mere tutorials. This is a shame, because I was never bored on every single scenario and would have liked to be able to populate an entire planet, or several ones, indefinitely. We can only hope that developers add more game modes.

But full gameplay!

In terms of gameplay, however, there is nothing wrong with the game! Indeed, The Colonists has many features, and everything necessary to make it a good management game.

For starters, you will arrive on a planet with your mothership that will also serve as your first settlement building/hall/castle. This will provide you with energy and resources so that you can start to build your first buildings. There are a multitude of buildings, and each of them will be useful to others, a real chain of “survival”. If one does not work anymore, it can create a slowdown in the production of another. You will first need to harvest wood, stones, water and food. These four elements are the main ones to start your colony. Pay attention to your resources!

Then to harvest these different resources, you will need a lumberjack house, a surface deposit (stone, coal, etc …), a mine, a well, a harbor, and a sheep farm, to cite a few. These can be improved once you have done the necessary research through the research building. These buildings will have to be linked together by roads so that robots can bring over the resources they need to function.

Become a shepherd!

To keep your production, you will have to monitor your requests for energy resources, wood, food, water, etc … All this can be monitored in your panel.

You can of course extend your colony, for that, it will be enough for you to create watch towers so that you can venture on known ground. This way you will be able to get more resources, etc.

All these elements make you never get bored in this game, there is always something to do, to watch, etc …

You will not always be alone on the planets that you will colonize, and you will have to come up with strategies to defeat the enemy.

Graphics and soundtrack!

The game has its own visual style and is rather pleasant to watch. It’s also always very fun to get a wide and see all of your small colony working.

As for the sound, it sticks quite well to the story of the game. A somewhat techno robot style of music.


For me, The Colonists is a good management game, but it has some flaws like the lack of sandbox mode or its average lifespan. However, for lovers of the genre I can only recommend this, because certainly, it only has ten scenarios, but you will not have time to be bored in each of them! We can also be hopeful for the introduction of new modes and features in the future.