Terraria: The Xbox One Version Finally Goes To 1.3

Released on PC in 2011, then on many platforms, Terraria is a game developed by Re-Logic and published by 505 Games. In mid-December the PlayStation 4 version went into 1.3, after several months of waiting. This time, it is finally the Xbox One’s turn to get updated to 1.3.

A little over two years ago. This is the period when version 1.3 of Terraria is released on PC. The latter had greatly changed the game of Re-Legic and 505 Games by adding many objects, enemies and novelties. In December, this version arrived on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players are still waiting for news of the arrival of the latter. The wait is coming to an end since it is today that the 1.3 arrives on the Microsoft console:

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