Terraria Nintendo Switch Physical Version Characteristics

Available on the eshop since June 27 and with a physical version announced in July, the action-adventure sandbox game Terraria arrives as promised today in the Nintendo Switch store.

This physical version includes the 1.3 update that has already been deployed on consoles and PCs, bringing its content and features adapted to the Nintendo console, in addition to improvements in stability, features and overall performance.

In details :

  • Use of the touch screen to navigate through the inventory, as well as to build, dig and fight (2 joycons per player needed)
  • With the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, up to eight players can participate
  • More than 300 different enemies, more than 20 bosses and related events
  • New biomes and mini-biomes to explore (forests, deserts, dungeons, underground world, corruption etc.)
  • The new expert mode that brings new challenges and rewards
  • An update of the crafting system (new options and objects)
  • More than 20 NPCs, offering their own strengths
  • 800 new items
  • Development of building options

While Terraria has been available on the Nintendo Switch since June this year, it is also possible to play it on PC, PS Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, 3DS, Wii U, and on mobile via App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App.

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