Temtem, Crema Games Banned 900 Cheaters

Since cheating is always invited to the party when it comes to online gaming, Temtem users also had to deal with nasty cheaters for a few days. In fact, it would be more accurate to call them people repeatedly taking advantage of bugs to facilitate their gaming experience.

In all cases, Crema Games has decided to apply a zero tolerance response towards these behaviors. The studio has just announced via Twitter that nearly 900 people have recently been banned for repeated ‘bug exploiting’ or ‘cheating’. Do not worry if you came across a small bug however, the developers wanted to clarify that the players concerned had largely exceeded the limits and took advantage of technical concerns in an “abusive” way.

A decision that was badly received by the community who evoked excessive bans and an unjust no response policy towards appeals. In order to avoid potential errors, the firm however updated their stance, announcing that they would re-examine the case of users who sent an email to support.

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