Tales of Crestoria Guide – Number of Stages Per Chapter

With multiple features and quests/rewards locked behind specific chapters and stages, one of the main concerns of Tales of Crestoria players is how long it takes to complete each chapter, or rather how many chapters each of them are comprised of. Today we bring you a list with the number of stages per chapter, which we will eventually update with the number of fights required for each stage.

Main Story Chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – 16 Stages
  • Chapter 2 – 6 Stages
  • Chapter 3 – 9 Stages
  • Chapter 4 – 9¬†Stages

Side Story Chapters: 

  • Side Story Cress – 5 Stages
  • Side Story Velvet – 5 Stages
  • Side Story Farah – 5 Stages
  • Side Story Leon – 5 Stages

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