Tale of Toast Early Access Launch Details

Its been a few months now since I joined the adventure that was the Alpha of Tale of Toast, and I was glad to find out that the game was finally getting released, albeit in Early Access, on Steam. The schedule is as follows:

January 26th – January 29th: Alpha test weekend
This is a regular alpha test weekend, and all those with an alpha key can play.

February 2nd – February 16th: Balance testing
The balance testing phase will be done by a focus group of veteran players, and we will also allow our Patreon players (who pledge $3 or above) to take part of the balance testing as a small token of appreciation for their support.

February 23rd: Tale of Toast Launch
This is the date you’ve been waiting for – the date when Tale of Toast will be playable each and every day! All databases (including character data) will be wiped so everyone starts with empty accounts. There will be servers in EU and USA. Will you be the first one to max out your character on the live servers?

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