Super Mario Bros. – A Copy Sold For $114,000 At An Auction

Originally released in 1983, Super Mario Bros., its no secret, has become a veritable collector’s item, and an object that enthusiasts around the world would sell arm and leg for. What many don’t know, however, was that it had already become a title so prized that it has just broken the record of the most expensive game ever sold at auction for the second time.

A sealed new cartridge, dating from 1985, was sold for $114,000 at a public sale organized by Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas. The buyers clashed for quite some time, as it took 29 bids for the item to be awarded to a person, who wished to remain anonymous. This sum sets a new record, the previous one being $100,150 in 2019, for yet another copy of Super Mario Bros. The price obviously seems high, but Heritage Auction explains that it is the highest rated copy ever put up for sale.

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