Soulbound Studio Reveals More About The Chronicles of Elyria Character Creation

The team behind Chronicles of Elyria really spoiled us last week in terms of character creation information. Not only were there two developer livestreams showing off the current version of the character creation system (which they said would most likely change on release), but they also shared a blog post to detail this feature even more.

“Although Chronicles of Elyria is a fantasy game, we want the ranges of character creation to be realistic,” the studio said. “This means that we need to create constraints for each of the tribes when it comes to customization sliders — so no, you can’t create big-head mode. We’re creating an immersive experience, and that means each character created in game needs to look and feel like they belong to the tribe to which they are born.”

Moreover, if you are a Backer, you will soon be able to play around with a standalone character creation software.

Watch Chronicles of Elyria | Pre-Alpha Character Creator | 3.21.18 from ChroniclesOfElyria on

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