Sealed Shrine Co-op Dungeon Opens in Ragnarok Online EU

Since its launch in 2019, the European version of Ragnarok Online operated by 4Game (the Russian group Innova) has been regularly updated – with a few content additions every month. This newest update, Sealed Shrine, is more meaningful as it opens the doors to a new high- level cooperative dungeon .

Thought out for a co-ordinating group of players and for characters level 75 or higher, the dungeon is home to one of the MMORPG’s most powerful bosses, Baphomet – a mighty archdemon that not even an army sent by Odin himself could defeat, until the five remaining fighters of the Norse God’s forces sacrificed their soul to lock the demon forever in a dungeon.

As the dungeon is only accessible to high-level and well-equipped characters, the update also includes the possibility of going to the Unknown Zone (only this week), a parallel dimension in which the experience gains are boosted when playing in a group.

As a reminder, the European version of Ragnarok Online is available here, free-to-play.

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