Rocket League: The Rocket Pass Reveals Its Price

Last May, Psyonix announced the upcoming arrival of a Rocket Pass, which we expected would somewhat similar to Fortnite‘s Battle Pass. Today the developer reveals the price of the latter, while stating that a free version will also be accessible.

The Rocket Pass will be split between a free and premium version, the latter offering many more cosmetics at each level. In a meeting at E3 last week, Rocket League director Scott Rudi revealed that the premium pass would cost $10. Whichever pass you pick, it will be possible to progress to level 70 and unlock a number of accessories and sometimes a few keys to open chests.

This system of secondary progression, which is optional, will allow players who pay to obviously have more loot than the free pass, with, for example, new vehicles. When these same players have reached the maximum level, they can unlock multiple Pro levels and continue to get items, with the guarantee of having no duplicates until a set is complete.

Finally, each Rocket Pass should last a few months before being replaced by another, completely renewing the rewards to get. The installation is also planned somewhere between July and August on all media.

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