Riot Games (League of Legends) files a lawsuit against Riot Squad

Riot Games, the studio behind the unstoppable MOBA League of Legends, recently filed a lawsuit against Riot Squad, a Chicago-based eSport organization founded in March.

So it is the company Riot Games who wanted to file a complaint against Riot Squad. For the American studio, this new organization eSport, taking the name of Riot Squad, aims to deceive the consumer. Indeed, by taking this name, fans of the studio or the game Leagues of Legends may believe that Riot Squad is associated with the publisher.

Through its conduct, Riot Squad has willfully created circumstances whereby members of the public are likely to be led to incorrectly believe that the goods offered by Riot Squad are authorized by, sponsored by, or affiliated withRiot, its well-known marks, and the products provided thereunder. 

The American studio has therefore asked a California court to prohibit Riot Squad to use the mark “Riot”. Riot Games also requires damages and interest from the eSport organization, and even requested they destroy all products affiliated with the “Riot” brand.

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