Re: Legend Early Access To Launch August 30

Re: Legend , the sandbox game of Magnus Games Studio, funded in the summer of 2017, is back with amazing news for PC gamers. The cute and colorful title will offer off the possibility to go on an adventure thanks to its early access launching on August 30.

Re: Legend is an RPG highlighting features like cooperation, as well as the breeding of little creature named Magnus. These creatures, who can serve as mounts, follow you in this universe to help you explore, defend you when needed, and find crystals scattered about. The Re: Legend early access also makes it possible for the player’s character to rest in a shimmering little village, to fish at the edge of a small river, to forge weapon and armor, to manage a plantation or even to develop a village by helping its occupants.

Magnus Games Studio also announces that Re: Legend will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. But just like for the PC version, no date was mentioned. We will therefore have to be patient.

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