Pumpkin Online January 2018 Report

Pumpkin Online, one of the few MMOs I will be looking forward to this year, is still progressing, albeit slowly, towards it’s upcoming release. This month, the developers have shared the report on what was added, what is currently being worked it, and what was changed/removed. Find the whole report below.



January was a good solid month of game development. Jayden has been working on farm instancing and I’ve been adding more assets, and textures in the game. No major hiccups, just slowly chipping away at things that need to get done. We have officially entered what I am calling crunch time. And so we are pushing ourselves to work on things at a more consistent pace.


Private Player Farm Instancing

This will take quite a bit of work, however Jayden has not run into any difficult things to implement. Everything is just time consuming. There were a lot of bugs that needed to be fixed, but most of those are being taken care of very quickly as soon as they crop up. Good news is we’ve consistently tested local to local to multiplayer and that seems to work just fine. The next task is making sure different systems in the game work in both single player and multiplayer. Once this system is in, in multiplayer players can have their own private farm where other players can visit them when they are online.


Lots of Wallpaper

I fixed up the furniture store so the furniture no longer uses placeholder textures. I also uploaded and set over 200 types of wallpaper that could be bought in the store. The player will be able to buy and apply this wall paper to their house, clothes and some most furniture.


Aesthetic Fixes
Based on feedback from our testers, I’ve made some edits to some of the shops. Edits included things like making the a bit bigger, color changes, and adding a few more assets to make it feel more lively.


Working on assembling NPCs
The NPCs need a lot of time to build right so we’ll be slowly building their models over time. Currently we have the NPCs in their base clothes with no textures. Most of them look good, but quite a few need some missing models made, or their current model just isn’t up to par. I would say I am about 50% finished assembling the characters planned for Pumpkinvale.


Working on the clothing store and it’s textures.

We’re started work on texturing the clothes and setting them up so the players can easily customize them in a future clothing crafting system (We’re not sure if that will make it in Beta or Not)


Private Player Farm Instancing

We’re getting models done for more items in the inventory, so food assets, and other misc things.


Working on NPC quests

Some NPCs have their private quests already set up. The questing system isn’t fully complete and still needs some polish, but the basics are already implemented. These quests are triggered through befriending the NPCs and are different form bulletin board quests and delivery errands.


Future Work

– Keep working on private farm instancing for multiplayer

– Texture more of the clothes

– Add some more options in character customization (cheeks, and possibly beards)

– Organize the in-game wallpaper

– Work on flower textures.

– Set up buying more different types of houses in the game

Looking forward to another good month of development in Februrary. We’ll be doing another private test among alpha testers this month as well.

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