Pumpkin Online: Exclusive Q&A With Creator and Project Lead

Hello! Could you introduce yourself to our readers and describe your role in Pumpkin Online’s development?

Hi, my name is Monique Blaize, I’m the creator and project lead of Pumpkin Online.

In your own words, how would you describe Pumpkin Online to readers that are only now hearing about it?

Pumpkin Online is a multiplayer farming/dating sim. In it, you’ll manage a farm and your relationships with townsfolk, all the while customizing your house how you see fit. It’s meant to be a relaxing social game about farming and nature.

How long has your team been working on Pumpkin Online, and what is the biggest challenge you’ve had to face so far?

We’ve been working on Pumpkin Online for about four years. However, the current iteration of the game has only been in development for about a year, as we had to switch engines. This relates to our biggest challenge, which was having to start over with a new engine, as the old one didn’t line up with what we wanted to do.

Could you tell us more about the player progression? Since I assume there will be no combat, will skills such as farming, cooking or fishing have some sort of leveling system?

No, there will be no levels. Progression will be marked more with the upgrades to your farm that you earn. So you can say you’ve “leveled up” when you’re able to afford a chicken coop, when you didn’t have one before.

Will there be any form of competition between players? In-game contests maybe?

Yes, not only will there be seasonal in-game contests the players can participate in, but the players will also be able to create and organize their own contests whenever they like.

Pumpkin online being a multiplayer game, in what ways will players be able to interact and co-operate with each other?

There will be multiplayer servers, where people can operate out of the same game world. We’re taking a hands-off approach to how players interact with each other, and we’re hoping that they’ll naturally want to cooperate in order to maximize their individual farms’ effectiveness. So say, one person could focus on farming, while another could focus on ranching, and they could trade products. That sort of thing. Additionally, some quests will be difficult for one person to accomplish alone, and hopefully that will incentivize people working together for a common reward.

This must be a question you’ve been responding to a lot, but the farming games enthusiast in me must know! For when are you planning to have a stable beta or release that will allow players to give Pumpkin Online a try?

We’re hoping for a beta release by the end of the year.

How much freedom will players have when interacting with the world? For example, will it be possible for players to removes trees permanently or change landscapes?

The players will be able to change farms that they own any way they like. There will be some aspects of the map the players will be able to change, but not permanently. The players will be able to harvest from elements in the overworld, but anything outside of a farm you own will respawn.

From the video’s and screenshots I’ve seen, the game is already looking beautiful and full of life. How do you expect the game to run on the average PC builds?

According to our research, most users on steam should be able to run Pumpkin Online with no issue. However, we’re dedicated to making sure our game is playable for as many users as possible.

Thank you a lot for taking the time to answer our questions!

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