President of Capcom addresses Monster Hunter’s future on Switch

Monster Hunter World port for the Nintendo Switch would be “difficult”.

It’s been around 3 weeks since the release of Monster Hunter World (January 26). But from the moment it was announced at E3 2017, enthusiasts have been inquiring Monster Hunter’s future on the hybrid console.

Monster Hunter XX was released last year in Japan only for the Nintendo Switch, but prior to that it was a 3DS title. On the other hand, Monster Hunter World is exclusively available on the PS4/Xbox One and PC.
Would the Nintendo Switch join that line up? According to Capcom President and Chief Operating Officer Haruhiro Tsujimoto, it would be problematic, he goes into detail in an interview published by Toyo Keizai Online.

In the interview Tsujimoto-san firstly acknowledges the demand for Monster Hunter on Switch and then goes onto mentioning the availability of Monster Hunter XX on both 3DS/Switch (in Japan). However, because of various circumstances, it’s difficult to bring over Monster Hunter World as is.

He then adds that companies such as Capcom need to make games that adapts to the console’s characteristics and their software maker needs to make software that fits each system’s unique traits. Mr. Tsujimoto ends it with; deciding which of their IPs including Monster Hunter,  to release on Switch, is something they’ll study in the future.

If you’re interested and would like to learn more about the game, you can read our guide here and if you haven’t seen the announcement trailer, you can check it out below:

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