Portal Knights: The Next Update Is Here

Last May, Portal Knights was coming out of early access on Steam. Since then, the game from Keen Games and 505 Games has changed a lot and has gradually been ported on a number of platforms. This time, it is not the announcement of a port but details about the content of the next update.

The team of Portal Knights has presented part of the next update of the game, called the “Adventurer’s Update”. It will be released this month on PC and will be available to console players a bit later this year. Let’s recall that the last important update to have occurred in the game was in October 2017, when it was updated to the 1.2 version.

See you at Fort Finch for new adventures
What will Adventurer’s Update bring as a change? First of all, players will now be able to play on their own dedicated servers. This will allow you to play with your friends in an easier way, while setting your server directly in the game’s interface. Any progress you and your friends make in common will be saved both on the Cloud and on your respective computers.

Another novelty is the Warriors Guild. All action will take place in Fort Finch, as the city will be filled with new quests, new NPCs, new merchants and other new items. Moreover, on the side of the NPC’s, with the next update it will be possible to move non-playable characters to the place of your choice, making your villages and cities more alive.

As for the latest news announced, it should also be noted that twenty new weapons will be added to the game during the next update. The combat system will also be improved, especially in regard to flying and aquatic enemies. A lot of other changes are expected but it will take a little longer to have a specific date for the Adventurer’s Update.

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