PlataGO! – The Platformer Creation Tool 95% Off on the eShop

Probably inspired by the particularly accessible concept of Super Mario Maker, PlataGO! also allows players to bring platform games to life. A rather interesting alternative since it offers great freedom in the rendering style of your work (NES, GameBoy, ZX Spectrum, Master System, Amiga…).

If you want to create retro-style platformer levels while sunbathing on your deckchair this summer, know that the publisher is offering a 95% discount for PlatGO!. Normally sold for $19.99, the creative tool ends up with a modest price of $0.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop over the next ten days. A great deal for the most creative minds, knowing that there is absolutely no need to have any programming skills to use it. All this is based entirely on the principle of drag-and-drop.

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