Override Mech City Brawl Features Revealed In A New Trailer

Developed by Maximum Games and The Balance Inc., Override Mech City Brawl, which will feature giant mech combat; reveals itself through a new trailer.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/Bm7XkbV-nBg” align=”right” /]










While the pre-orders are now open on the game’s website in two versions, Super Charged Mega Edition at 39.99 € and standard at 29.99 €, the video focuses on the features in the title. Thus, we discover the story mode, which will ask players face an alien army that came to destroy the Earth. In addition, the video is an opportunity to observe the damage that the mechas can cause, in multiplayer as well as solo. Finally, we are entitled to a brief overview of the Garage, where players will customize their fighters.

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