Nintendo Planning Big for Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary

Super Mario is more than a simple title nowadays. It is 35 years of video games, including several masterful creations forever inscribed in the hearts of players. So, when the Nintendo company prepares the 35th anniversary of this supreme emblem of video games, they plan big. In addition to the Nintendo World amusement park and the animated film in production, another major project is supposedly brewing in the pipeline.

Attention, information to be taken as what it is, a simple rumor.

Our colleagues (generally well informed) at Video Games Chronicles have just published an article evoking the imminent arrival of a series of remasters for the Switch . “Most of the catalog” of our famous plumber would be targeted, from Super Mario Bros. the very first game to appeared in 1985, to Super Mario Galaxy, with a stop via Super Mario Sunshine, among others. An anthology of the plumber’s adventures which would come accompanied by a new episode for the Paper Mario franchise. Still according to VGC which claims to hold this information from ” several sources”, this news will be announced at the same time as various news concerning the Mario film and the amusement park planned in Tokyo. Information which seems credible and enticing at the same time, but should nevertheless be taken with tweezers before a possible confirmation from Big N …

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