Neverwinter Companion & Pet Systems To Change with The Undermountain Update

A lengthy blog post has cropped up on the Neverwinter site from Systems Designer Salim Grant. In it, sweeping changes are coming to the Pet and Companions systems in time for the release of the next content expansion, Undermountain. The overhaul is designed to provide a more streamlined and useful experience for players.

Here are a few of the details:

  • Active companion slots are going away. Rather than that, players will equip specific bonuses based on role – Offense, Defense & Utility. The strength of the bonus is determined by the quality of the companion
  • Companions will have unique equipment and will not be able to wear player equipment any more. Equipment that companions wear is now universal and slots have been globalized. “No matter what companion you decide to switch to, the equipment will apply to the summoned companion”.
  • Runestone slots have changed to Bonding runestone slots and work like Eldritch stones to augment companions
  • Leveling companions, even the ones in storage, will provide a Bolstering buff in one of five categories: Fighters, Creatures, Invokers, Mystical and Beasts.

Be sure to swing by the Neverwinter site to learn more.


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