Monster Rancher 2 Announced on Switch, iOS and Android in Japan

The Monster Rancher franchise, which was also adapted as an anime in the late 1990s, will return with a new port. Koei Tecmo announces the arrival of Monster Rancher 2 on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch this fall in Japan. Monster Rancher 2 brings together a total of some 400 monsters.

The information was revealed in the columns of Famitsu. The details are meagre at the moment, but we are talking about a port with some improvements. Released on PlayStation in 1999 in Japan under the name of Monster Farm, it was only a year later that the first installment in the series reached the West. The concept of the game is to train monsters and ensure their well-being with the end goal of having them participate in fights during tournaments. To be noted that Koei Tecmo has already launched a port of the very first Monster Rancher on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch in late 2019, though so far it is only available in Japan.

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