Monster Prom First Impressions – The First Multiplayer Dating Sim

Whether you admit it or not, a large part of the gaming community has tried the dating simulator genre at least once. Unfortunately, the genre is confined to a huge number of Japanese games, sometimes a little shady, and often poorly translated. It was not counting on the release of Monster Prom, the first multiplayer “flirting game” that offers a rather unique experience.

After attacking the multiplayer fighting genre with Move or Die, Those Awesome Guys release their first game as a publisher with Monster Prom by Beautiful Glitch.

What is a dating simulator?

A dating simulator is a simulation game in which the player has the choice between various characters to seduce. The main objective is to succeed in seducing at least one of in a limited time. The player also often has to earn money, either by working or through other activities. The attributes of the player (physical or mental characteristics, etc.) also have an important role and can be improved in various ways.

In Monster Prom, we find the same concepts: it is necessary to identify the statistics necessary to charm the character of your choice and increase them to a certain point before even considering going to the prom with them. These statistics can be increased through actions and events that take time. Here you have 3 weeks to win win over the heart of your favorite monster.

The gameplay

First feature: you must choose the character you wish to embody among the 4 available. After choosing, you will have to fill out a quiz filled with questions than others to establish your basic statistics and affinity with the characters. Once done, you end up in high school. Each of the places you can go to represents a statistic, and will generally increase it by two. Each time, a random event is triggered where you will have to make a decision that will also influence your profile (your stats, affinity with characters, money). These events allow you to know the characters a little better. The randomness of these events makes the game very entertaining and we are quickly impatient to see what will happen. You can also buy items to increase certain traits or to trigger additional events.

The multiplayer aspect

Regarding the multiplayer aspect you can each set your sights on a different character and help each other, or you can choose the same and set up a real flirting competition. This is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the title. Once a place is occupied by someone, no one else can go there. It’s for this reason that at the beginning of the day, the game offers you to debate on a subject to know who will choose first. This function brings even more humor, since in view of the questions that are offered to you, the discussions quickly turn to ridicule. After spending 3 weeks relentlessly flirting with your favorite monster (or monsters), you will discover if he/she/they accepts to accompany you to the ball, or not. You can also choose the option to go to the ball alone if you do not feel like being rejected.

No need for a luxury installation to play Monster Prom, a laptop and a mouse are enough. The gameplay is reminiscent of the excellent The Yawgh, which is not at all in the same theme but I strongly recommend.


In addition to a very fun and original multiplayer mode, Monster Prom has excellent characters. Despite the somewhat childish aesthetic (although charming) the characters are very extreme. They each represent a cliché but still remain very funny. They also each have a very different and rather endearing personality. Humor is, for Monster Prom, the main selling point. There is not a single line of dialogue without a pun or a joke, and it works very well. This format also allows the streamers to voice the characters and the narrator for our greatest happiness.

The graphics are pretty and above all extremely consistent with the universe as well as the humorous and fantasy tone of the game There are 2 modes : a “short” playthrough with games that last about 30 minutes, and a “long” playthrough that lasts 1h30. Interesting detail: at the end, you can see the statistics of your game , how many events you have unlocked for example, how many possible endings you have yet to discover, etc… It is at this moment that we truly realize the depth and the enormous content of the game.

Monster Prom First Impressions – The first multiplayer dating sim

To conclude, Monster Prom is a unique title of its kind. In addition to refreshing the theme of dating simulator, it adds enough elements to look like no other game of its kind. The concept of competitive flirting is very successful and original, with hilarious narration and dialogues. The game also boasts rich content, which allows for huge replayability. So if you want to have a good time with friends, do not hesitate. Monster Prom only costs $11.99 and is available on Steam, Linux and MacOS, only in English, unfortunately.

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