Monster Hunter World Guide For Beginners

How to start well in Monster Hunter World

This is the question everyone is asking! And here is your answer in this Monster Hunter World Guide:

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to change your appearance

It’s easy, just go to your room. You can then interact with the box at the entrance. You will then see, at the bottom of the menu, the option to change your appearance. A new screen will appear with options for hair, eyebrows, facial hair, makeup and clothes.

However, if you want to change sex in Monster Hunter World, this is unfortunately not possible at the moment. At the same time, rest assured, the only major difference between male and female characters is in the appearance of the armor.

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to hide your helmet

Sometimes it is better to see the face of your character rather than a horrible helmet. Monster Hunter World is no exception. To hide the unwanted head gear, go to the menu, then System (icon with the two gears), then “Options”. Stay in the first option (Game Settings) and you will see the option to show the head armor, hide it by default, or hide it only in cutscenes.

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to play solo

You cannot play offline in Monster Hunter World, but you can set up a private online session. Thus, no other player will come to interrupt you during your expeditions. From the loading screen, choose your save, then when creating the online session, in the last menu, choose “yes” for “Private Session”.

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to create a clan

To create a clan, you must contact the clan manager who is in Astera, Grand-Pont. Leaving the elevator, she is right in front of the counter. Talking with her, you’ll have three options: create, manage, or quit. Being part of a clan has several advantages, including being able to group with your friends and on an adventure more easily.

You can be part of 8 different clans at the same time and a clan can have up to 50 members.

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to find friends

If you find yourself in difficulty on expeditions or during quests, you can use a distress rocket to ask for help. Any player, including a friend, will be able to see the signal on the Quest Board. Be careful though, if a player already involved in your session answers the help request, it will reset his progress. For shipments, this will not work for all players as it must have previously been unlocked.

If you want to create a group, you can post a quest in the lobby, allowing all players in the same session to participate. You can even set a password if you want to prevent the “first-comer” from joining your quest. It will be even easier if you have previously created a team. On the other hand, to be able to do the quest, it will be necessary to have advanced to the same kinematics (in the case of a quest of the main story). If the game does not allow you to join the quest, it is probably that you have not progressed enough yet. You will not be able to repeat story quests, but can assist friends not yet done their own quests.

After a quest with friends, if you want to go on another expedition, you can go back to the camp (not to the hub!). You can then choose the next destination (each person in the group will have to make the same choice for it to work properly).

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to pause a solo session

Do you play Monster Hunter World alone with our little trick above? Then you can pause by putting the console in sleep mode. From there, the game stops until you return. Of course, you can always get to a safe point in the game by returning to your room for example.

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to increase your maximum health

Maximum health is very important, as it increases your survivability. The first solution is to look for armor that increases the amount of life points, but it requires sacrificing other bonuses, which is not necessarily a good thing! Otherwise, you can eat between the missions through the canteen (on the third floor of Astera) and have a meal that will temporarily increase the health points.

For the best craftsmen, know that you can also find the potions and super nutrients of previous games. But you will need to go through the crafting phase.

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to keep your weapons sharp

The weapons of Monster Hunter World are easily dulled, which makes players think rather than stupidly hitting anything, anywhere, no matter how. The long sword is one of the weapons that dulls the fastest and we advise you to avoid it low levels. To prolong the life of your weapons, always keep an eye on the durability in combat, because monsters have harder areas on their bodies that you will want to avoid touching: you will inflict more damage and while having your weapon durability last longer.

In the meantime, to avoid the disappointment of a weapon or a tool ending up in small pieces, you will have to use whetstones. It is also recommended to sharpen your weapon as soon as you have the opportunity, during the escape of a monster, for example.

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to change the affinity of weapons

If you have looked at your character sheet, you will have noticed a % next to the Affinity (in the Equipment menu, selecting its weapon). This is an important statistic to consider, as it changes the effectiveness of the weapons: the higher your affinity, the more damage you will do. It is very important to watch this statistic because it can fall into the negative, and you will do much less damage than normal!

To increase this score, it is necessary to equip pieces of armor with different advantages. It’s all about experimenting to find the best combination for your playing style. You’ll need to look for armor that bring: Attack Boost, Critical Eye, Affinity Sliding and Critical Draw.

It should be noted that these skills, in addition to increasing affinity, will, however, decrease the rate of critical hits! Conversely, skills that increase the critical rate will decrease affinity. It’s up to you to juggle these skills and choose what you prefer!

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to access gems

You will need to be of maximum rank, this feature is unlocked in expert mode (at the same time as the 6-star quests, alpha and beta armor ..). You will get your first jewel from the blacksmith and you can insert it into pieces of equipment with slots. From the blacksmith, you will have a list of equipment that support the jewels as well as those in your possession. Slots and gems have levels: a slot must be the same level or higher than the jewel.

To have locations, you will need to upgrade your weapons. For armor, you will need to create beta versions (which offer a skill and a slot), unlike alpha that offer only two skills (and no slot). It is also possible to obtain gems from reward items: the stronger the monster, the better the chances.

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to unlock more fields at the Botanical Conservatory

To create ever more powerful armor, it is important to have resources, recoverable by hunting, but also by going to the botanical research center in Astera. This is also where you can find rare items or duplicate those you own.

You will not have immediate access to this feature as you will have to perform the Tobi-Kadachi mission first.

Then you can unlock your second field at rank 8 or higher by completing the “Harmful Nuisance” quest (4 stars). To accomplish this quest elimination, go to the Putrid Valley to kill 14 Hornetaurs (they are found near the carcasses of monsters). The third slot is unlocked with the 7-star quests, “Talons of Ire and Ice” which will ask you to hunt, in the same quest, a Legiana and a high-ranking Odogaron.

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to ride a monster

Even if the technique is not obvious to master (depending a lot on the monster in front, the scenery and/or the weapon you use), riding monsters can inflict significant damage with relative safety. A technique to master absolutely in this Monster Hunter World Guide. To begin, it is best to find a place high up: climb up the scenery, use advanced riding skills, ask a friend to push you off. At worst, everything remains feasible from the ground. Everything is a question of timing to successfully use a flight attack at the right time (with the jump key) to end up on the mountable part of the monster (head, back or tail). From there, we must continue to attack and hold tight despite the attempts of the monster. You might also have to move from one place to another avoid taking damage.

In any case, the key to success is to inflict maximum damage by checking the endurance meter well: if it gets to zero, it’s a one-way trip to the ground.

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to find traces of Rathian

To find the tracks of a Rathian in Monster Hunter World, there is actually not much to do other than… play! The search bar will automatically fill during your other activities, expeditions in expert mode, contracts, explorations, then the game will announce that you found traces once the gauge is sufficiently filled.

Monster Hunter World Guide – How to get Horizon Zero Dawn armor for your Palico

In Monster Hunter World, you can recover armor from Horizon Zero Dawn. For this, you will need to complete the quest “Wilderness Lesson” for characters of rank 6 minimum (5-star difficulty mission), asking to kill 8 Barnos in the arena (flying creatures that require attacking at distance).

You can also have the monster Tzitzi-Ya-Ku who turns in the arena to knock down the Barnos. To do this, attack him and wait for him to deploy his crest, emitting a stunning flash affecting everything in front of him. In addition to knocking down the Barnos, the latter will target it, one stone; two shots! As a reward you will receive the necessary components to create the armor. You will have to repeat the quest twice to obtain the necessary amount of materials, then go to the blacksmith (on the second floor of Astera) to forge the equipment of your Palico. Be careful, this quest is temporary and only available until February 9th!

In a few weeks, a new quest will be unlocked that will recover Aloy’s outfit, complete with his bow.

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