Monster Hunter World, Geralt de Riv Joins The Universe

This Tuesday, December 11th, Capcom gave an appointment to the players of Monster Hunter World. Indeed, the latter consisted of talking about the future of the game and news to come. What we can say is that we were not disappointed. A new extension will arrive as well as a guest of prestige.

First of all, in order to add some ingame festivities, players will have the possibility of recovering new equipment. This will be possible from December 20th to January 3rd. Those interested will have to kill Kulve Taroth in his Arch-Tempered form with a group of 16 players. We can also expect a January “Appreciation Fest” which will bring specific quests , special equipment and thematic decorations.

Then, the third big update will bring a guest of prestige since Geralt de Riv will be part of the adventure. The fans of The Witcher will be conquered and no doubt there will be a slight boost in the sales figures of the game. Our magnificent Geralt will meet members of the Research Commission and will face quests that will highlight a whole “A new kind of gameplay mixing the immersive RPG experience of The Witcher 3 with that of Monster Hunter World”. Moreover, the developers specify that they worked with CD Projekt so that Geralt de Riv is represented in the best way possible. The character will be available in early 2019.

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