Mobile RPG Onmyoji Starts Its Western Closed Beta (English APK file here)

NetEase’s Anime-inspired mobile RPG Onmyoji has already amassed over 200 million downloads throughout Asia, and has even being honored as one of the App Store’s 10 Best iPhone Games of 2016 in China.

With stunning 3D graphics and customizable characters voiced by real anime legends, Onmyoji is a mobile RPG with strategic, turn-based combat in PvP or PVE battles. After a long wait, players in North America and Canada can finally give the game a try on iOS and Android through a closed beta test.

iOS Testflight:
Google Play:

For those of you that are out of these regions, however, the game will be unavailable.

Thankfully, this can be bypassed by installing the Onmyoji APK that you will find below:

Onmyoji English APK

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