MapleStory M in Open Beta For A Week

The current craze of the MMO industry (especially Asian ones) for mobile versions is not a secret anymore. After MU, ArcheAge and Ragnarok, it is now MapleStory’s turn to join the mobile scene. The Nexon is indeed working on the upcoming launch MapleStory M , the mobile adaptation of the first MapleStory , its round-colored and playable side-scrolling MMO, launched in 2003 on PC.

MapleStory M intends to take the concept of its elder: accessible gameplay and a plethora of content – including daily dungeons ( the rewards vary daily), mini dungeons that look like training instances that the player can customize, Elite dungeons to explore alone or in groups and that promise big rewards, a tower where on each floor players confront successive waves of monsters, or raids for ten players opposing the adventurers to some of the iconic bosses of the first MapleStory (like Zakum).

And after several months of testing in Korea, MapleStory M is now welcoming Western players as part of a beta test available on Google Play – we imagine that an iOS version will follow soon. The game servers are already open and will remain so until January 30. In the meantime, the game is available for free on Google Play.

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