Lineage II: Revolution Valentine’s Day Events

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and traditions oblige, several online video games will display its colors. Lineage II: Revolution will be part of them and details its program┬átoday.

Netmarble Games tells us that the players of this mobile MMORPG can celebrate Valentine’s Day now and participate in several events, unlocking rewards:

7-day connection bonus, unlocking Valentine’s Day Chocolate Boxes, to be exchanged for special items.
Until February 21, Chocolate Collection event: defeating Named Monsters and Field Bosses rewards players with Valentine’s Day chocolates, to be exchanged for special items.
Until February 28th, Captain Harold’s love event: completing quests for candies; with 100 candies collected, we can play on the “Chocolate of Love” map to earn special items. Once the map is completed, additional rewards are to be earned (reinforcement materials, etc …).

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