Level-5: A New RPG To Celebrate Their 20th anniversary

Internationally renowned for its excellent RPGs, Level-5 has just released the highly anticipated Ni no Kuni 2 for the delight of fans of studio Ghibli who had already collaborated in the first episode. And while they just finished this project, the company is already working another creation.

And not just any! Indeed, the Japanese firm will celebrate its 20 years anniversary this year, the opportunity to embark on a development worthy of celebrating this beautiful figure. According to a recent interview with 4Gamer.net , Akihiro Hino, the studio’s CEO, announced that a “large-scale online game” was currently being created at its Fukuoka office. Hard to say what lies behind this announcement, but the man said that it will not be a title to the fantastic universe, but rather contemporary, and that it may or may not end up being on the scale of a MMORPG (or something similar).

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