Hearthstone 10 New Witchwood Cards Revealed

As expected, Blizzard held its “live reveal” Monday, March 26, to share some details about the Witchwood extension of Hearthstone. The opportunity to present ten unpublished cards.

During the stream, Peter Whalen, Game Designer, and Dan “Frodan” Chou presented ten cards that will land on Hearthstone with the Witchwood expansion. We are talking about rather interesting cards, since among them will be three legendary and three epic ones.

Note that the legendary hunter, Shaw Houndmaster, will be one of four heroes to be featured in the Monster Hunt mode. This is a solo PvE mode, in which you have to face a series of bosses. Everything will be offered free of charge two weeks after the release of the extension. Remember that it is expected for April 12. In the meantime, Blizzard will unveil new maps daily, through streamers or partner sites. Keep your eyes open.

For now, here is the full list of Witchwood cards revealed so far!

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