Genshin Impact Reaches $1 Billion In-Game Sales In 6 Months

While update 1.4 has been available for a few days now, the Chinese game, Genshin Impact, continues to break records. It is now the fastest mobile game to reach $ 1 billion spent by gamers on in-game purchases.

Indeed, since the game was released six months ago, the Chinese open-world action RPG by Mihoyo has been breaking and setting new records. Today it has become the fastest mobile game to reach a billion dollars spent by gamers. For comparison, Pokémon Go took 9 months to generate this income.

Mobile gamers have been spending an average of $ 160 million per month on the game since December. It is at the top of the rankings of RPGs both in China and internationally. The introduction of new characters seems to be what pushes players to put their hands in their pockets: 13 million in one day were spent for the arrival of Hu Tao, and 15 million for the arrival of Xiao.

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