Fortnite Season 5 Patch Notes

Epic Games has started the update allowing the deployment of the 5.0 patch of Fortnite. It will mark the arrival of Season 5 of the Battle Pass, accompanied by a lot of new features, for both the Battle Royale and the Save the World modes.

As usual, the players of Fortnite will be able to pay the sum of 950 V-Bucks to start challenging the 100 levels of the Battle Pass of this Season 5, placed under the theme of the “Worlds Collide”. In parallel, the map of the Battle Royale sees the appearance the desert, of a whole new biome where vegetation and covers are scarce, along with two areas (Paradise Palms and Lazy Link) that players will be able to travel to in a new vehicle: the all-terrain cart. It can accommodate four players: one at the wheel, a second at his side, and two others at the rear to ensure the defense of the vehicle. It is also possible to penetrate the famous faults that recently appeared everywhere, “but get ready for thrills,” the developers warned.

Fortnite Season 5 Patch Notes

The patch notes, rather large, reveals a major change in the progressive challenges, which are now achieved by obtaining a given amount of EXP and, especially, are no longer limited to a single season. Players can do this at their own pace. Note however that the weekly challenges (divided into two sections, the free challenges and those of the Pass) are always present and limited in time. The other notable addition will delight players on Nintendo Switch, who can now enjoy the gyro.

Finally, do not forget the PvE Save the World mode, which sees the return of the “Defy the Horde” mode, a survival mode against hordes of zombies that become more and more numerous. The “Road Trip” event also begins and will allow players to put their hands on flintlock and cowboy skins. Know that from July 17, Save the World will be on sale for a limited time on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The Super Special Founder Packs and Limited Founder Packs will be available again during the promotion.

Find the full patch notes here.

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