Fortnite Battle Royale Will Soon Introduce A Light Machine Gun

While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds seems to be focused on adding cards and an eSports league recently evoked by Brendan Greene, the Epic Games team is more focused on introducing new skins and new weapons in the game. So, after the remote controlled missile, here comes the Light Machine Gun in Fortnite.

This Rambo-worthy “toy” has been announced in the title menus, but thanks to our dataminingfriends, we now know exactly what it is. According to the StormShield database, the LMGs contain about one hundred bullets per magazine, but in return, their reloading time is 4.75 seconds. As you can imagine, the accuracy of a sniper shouldn’t be, but that shouldn’t be an issue¬†at short distances with the high firing rate. Note that this weapon comes straight from Save the World, Fortnite’s solo mode.

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