Dragon Quest X Western Version May Come As An Offline Title

In the columns of Gamestalk (via Gematsu ), the former producer of Dragon Quest X revives the hope of Western players who wish to someday play this opus designed as an MMO… but which could be turned into an offline title.

Still active on PCPS4 and Switch, the b2p MMO Dragon Quest X has never left the borders of the Japanese archipelago. The producer of the game, Yû Miyake, regrets that many Western players have had to go from episode VIII to XI (although Dragon Quest IX was available on the DS). “Even within the traditional Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest X is packed with excellent stories. Talk of an offline version often comes up, and I don’t think the possibility is zero. It would be great if we could introduce it to fans to play somewhere.” Let’s hope that this speech will be transformed one day or another into action.

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