Dauntless’ Latest Update Brings Neon Hair, Updated Patrol Chests, And New Weapon Specials

At the surface, it seemed like the latest update to Dauntless was only bringing some new skins to chase in the most recent Hunt Pass. Turns out, there’s much more going on here. A whole lot more: a Faction Fight event, new customization, new weapon specials, changes to Patrol Chests… Let’s get started.

Yes, there is indeed a new Hunt Pass out there called Zephyr Strike, which is bringing some retro-futuristic super sentai style to the Shattered Isles, which also ties in to a Faction Fight that players can join. Players can claim a side between Endurance Squad and Defiance Squad by equipping a sigil, earning one point for every successful hunt they complete. The team with the highest points will get a unique Lantern skin for free, while the losing team can still purchase its side’s skin at cost. Joining in the Faction Fight is a matter of navigating to the related tab in the Store and claiming a reward that grants the sigil and a 25% discount for their a faction’s Style Pack, which brings banner customization, a helmet transmog, and a factional hair dye that can be equipped to earn another point for every completed hunt in the Faction Fight.

Oh, yes, there are now hair dyes. Three very bright hair dyes: one in the Basic Hunt Pass track, and two in the game store as part of the Faction Fight. These are the only hair tints available in-game right now, but there will likely be more coming down the pike in the future. There are even two new free hair styles waiting for people to try on if they’ve been looking for a new look.

This update is also doing some new things mechanically speaking, too. As of today, patrol chests are getting a rework: Players can earn up to two free Patrol Chests per day up to a maximum of six, which offer additional rewards depending on the type of Patrol you take on. Additionally, more chests can be purchased beyond the six chest limit, though purchased chests will not reward more loot than free ones. The update also offers some new weapon specials for sword and chain blade users. Sword users can now get a parrying Avenging Overdrive move from Lady Luck’s store, while chain blades can get an overhaul to Reaper’s Dance that offers a second chance to attack from the air when flipping off of a Behemoth’s body and a second alternate special in Lady Luck’s store.

There’s a lot going on here, so make sure you check the patch notes for all the details.


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