Crusaders of Light: The MMO for smartphones is available on Steam

The release on Steam of the free-to-play Crusaders of Light MMO is accompanied by an update bringing a few novelties, the most notable one marking the arrival of a new class: the elementalist.

Crusaders of Light Available On Steam

While it arrived on our smartphones last July, Crusaders of Light is now available on PC via Steam as announced last month. The title has the distinction of being cross-platform , which allows you to start playing on your PC at home and continue the adventure on the move via your phone, or vice versa.

This is also the opportunity to enjoy the content of the¬†“Surge of Elements”¬†update, which brings a new raid team, a new dungeon, two new bosses and a brand new class: the elementalist . Recall that the NetEase title is a fairly classic MMORPG, taking place in a fantasy universe with its lot of quests, dungeons and raids, playable with up to 40 players for some of them.

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