Craft the World Review

Craft the World was created by Dekovir Entertainment, a team most commonly known for the development of mobile games. With Craft the World, they intended to appeal to a fresh market, appealing to fans of management, survival and crafting games.

The first positive thing players experience when they launch the game is the care that was given to the graphics. It’s clean, finished and beautiful. Craft the World being a 2D game where players spend a lot of time going through dark caves, jumping from one biome to another, and mostly exploring the world, gorgeous decors are very welcomed. The same can be said about the design of the characters and monsters, all very detailed and pleasing.

The game’s main principle is simple: players manage a population of dwarves (initially consisting of a single one), as they try to survive in unknown lands. As players progress, the population of dwarves will get increasingly important, as will the dangers. The game’s objective will be to provide these dwarves with a home protecting them from said dangers, and where life is comfortable.

Throughout the game, players can instruct their people to gather resources, construct buildings or fight to hunt and protect themselves. The dwarves will also undergo repeated attacks by hordes of monsters. Thus, to survive, it will be necessary to equip them appropriately, and organize defenses like arrow tower. The game also offers some magic elements, allowing players to, for example, create teleport portals, spawn an entire forest or assist in the collection of resources.

Above all, Craft the World is a management game under the “God Game” genre. This means that you will not directly control the characters, but we give orders: gather wood, build, fight… The AI will then handle the rest, deciding, for example, which dwarf will execute the order. Overall, players therefore act as a commander for this population and observe them while they are get to work.

For players that need more responsiveness it remains possible to directly control a dwarf. This can be useful to ensure that any high priority construction will be completed as soon as possible, or to deal with an unforeseen situation, like monster attacks. In most cases, however, this will be rather useless thanks to the quality of the intelligence of our little protégés. They are indeed rather effective when it comes to taking decisions.

As for the crafting aspect, the game surely does deserve its name, featuring two modes that allow for two different crafting experiences. The first, called the “Technology Tree” will restrict the panel of objects that can be crafted via a progress tree. The more you create, the more you unlock. The principle is quite similar to what one might find in a strategy game like Age of Empire. The other mode is the “Sandbox”. In this version of the game it is possible to create the items from the beginning of the game as the player has the required resources in stock.

Overall, the World Craft is a very good game that, however, suffers from a fairly noticeable monotony in single player mode, with not much novelty to be expected once you reach a certain point. It nonetheless remains an excellent option for fans of the genre, as well as players taking part in a multiplayer campaign, the latter being the main strength of the game. Craft the World is also undoubtedly one of the most visually appealing games in its genre, making it a highly enjoyable experience.

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