Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Switches to F2P, Adds A Battle Royale Mode

Remember the jokes about a CSGO Battle Royale? Sometimes there are crossed destinies. Just when Epic Games decides to compete on Steam’s territory by offering a platform for selling online games with Fornite as a figurehead, the Valve group is releasing a Battle Royale mode for its iconic multiplayer FPS, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Entitled Danger Zone, this mode that is for the least original plunges 16 players on a map intended to be reduced to leave only one survivor. The mode will also be playable in duo or trio for up to 18 players. The matches are therefore intended for a small committee and meant to last about 10 minutes.

In parallel with this Battle Royale mode, the novelty for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the switch to a free-to-play economic model. Former players will still have a premium status. Specific rewards will be linked to this particular status, which can obviously be reached with the dedicated pack on the Steam page found at this address.

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