Conan Unconquered: Funcom Presents Its Strategy Title

As we’ve been expecting, Funcom unveiled a new game based on the epic of Conan the barbarian. Expected in the second quarter of 2019, the gameplay Conan Unconquered will focus on strategy and large-scale battles.

Developed by Petroglyph (Star Wars: Empire at War), Conan Unconquered is presented as a strategy game similar to They Are Billions. In other words, players will build a base, strengthen its defenses, and prepare to face waves of enemies that get more and more massive and dangerous. Everything will happen in real time, but it will be possible to stop the time to plan your orders and constructions. Between two waves, it will be possible tp gather resources (food, wood, gold, iron), explore the map and research technologies to unlock new buildings. Conan requires, building an altar in favor of the deity Mitra will appeal to his gigantic avatar to trample the infidels. Summoning legendary heroes who can equip powerful artifacts, such as the inevitable Conan, will also be a way to turn the tide of the battle. The icing on the cake: Conan Unconquered will be playable solo, but it will also be possible to share your base with another player in coop.

Conan Unconquered is scheduled for PC for the second quarter of 2019. Remember that Funcom is behind the recent survival game Conan Exiles.

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