Bless Online Will Soon Turn Its Attention To A Proper Localization

Despite all its initial access issues and bugs, Bless Online’s apparently perpetual stream of updates and statements from the developers has at any rate helped alleviate a portion of the community’s dissatisfaction. Today, Neowiz has yet another long note for the playerbase from Executive Producer Sungjin Ko, who thanks players for their input, and promises more information later on as well.

First of all, we have reviewed all of your feedback regarding server stabilization, localization, monetization, game content, and more,” Ko writes. “As a result, we found that the biggest issues were server stabilization, client optimization and game content adjustments that differ from our originally intended game design.

Ko likewise recognizes the limitations of the game when it comes to its localization, fully assuming the fact that things simply aren’t up to snuff regarding that point. Apparently, this is due to the fact that any progress towards localization was paused while Neowiz prepared for Early Access.

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