Adorable Magical Girls Run a Cat Café In “Calico”, Launching On Kickstarter With Playable Prototype

CatBean Games – a new indie studio from Seattle, WA – launches their Kickstarter for Calico today. Set in a town of magical girls, witches, and a plethora of adorable animals hanging around town, you are tasked with bringing the town’s Cat Café back to life and full of new cuddly friends. With their Kickstarter, running all of October, Calico aims to be the perfect cute and cozy game.

“Our goal with Calico is to bring some comfort and joy to people everywhere. We couldn’t believe more things like this didn’t already exist. Magical girls running Cat Cafés just seemed like such an obvious conclusion,” said Kells of CatBean Games. “I see so many wish fulfillment games out there, and I found them lacking in the sort of things I am into. Calico is basically my heart on a screen.”

Calico’s gameplay has players creating their own story in a cozy small town. While your “goal” is technically to bring the town’s Cat Café back to life, Calico is really more about doing what makes you happy! Players can choose to fill the Cat Café with animals, create and arrange pastries, decorate the Café, explore the town, make friends, play with animals, or do none of those things! It would be a little strange to just sit in the game and let the days pass doing nothing, but we’re not judging!

Along with people and cats, Calico will also allow the player to collect other animals for their Café. Animals like Dogs, Raccoons, rabbits, turtles, foxes, red pandas, and really anything else one would wish they could befriend in real life. Calico doesn’t let realism get in the way of fun, with one notable feature being the ability to use magic potions on animals to change them. For example one spray of the Enlargement Potion turns an ordinary cat into your noble steed for faster travel!

Visit to find their Kickstarter and cuddle some cats in the Calico playable prototype. Kickstarter campaign ends on Halloween!

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