3D Realms Returns with Old School FPS Ion Maiden

Ion Maiden, the old-school first-person shooter by 3D Reals will be launching on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux in Q3 2018. A complete preview campaign is also available via Steam Early Access today.

It’s up to Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison to save Neo DC from the cybernetic army led by transhumanist cult mastermind Dr. Jadus Heskel. Along for the ride are wild weapons like Shelly’s Loverboy revolver and Bowling Bombs (which function exactly how one would think), all with alternate fire modes or ammo variants. No checkpoints, no regenerating health, and plenty of colorful keycards await as players leave gore in their wake across sprawling levels.

Created in the Build engine that powered classics like Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, and Shadow Warrior, Ion Maiden revels in old-school, pixelated beauty while taking advantage of modern design improvements found over last two decades of shooters.

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